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Despite warnings from prominent biophysicists on the sterilization procedures of returning probes being inadequate to prevent contamination, something has gone seriously wrong. There is no telling what could cause this shock and fear—but the terror has begun and there is no end in sight. However, with the wild Hiaasenian cast of characters and unexpected twists, there is no telling how Yancy will solve the murder while surviving the widow of the human arm, a voodoo witch doctor known as the Dragon Queen, his ex-lover, his new found love, the kinky coroner … and of course, the bad monkey. But there is more than just extortion at play.

Pornography, kidnapping, double-crossing, and murder are just a few of the complications Marlow must untangle in this hard-boiled crime story. Discover dangerous dames, hard-boiled detectives, gangsters, and lethal murder mysteries that popularized the mystery genre. Here is crime fiction at its gritty best. Retirement means only two things: death or going underground—Milton opts for life. Life, however, does not get simpler. Attempting to help a young mother save her son from involvement with a deadly gang, he faces a dangerous foe on unfamiliar ground … and MI6 sends in another agent who wants him dead.

Absolutely brilliant. Four members of the Clutter family were murdered using a shotgun only a few inches from their faces. Truman Capote traveled to the small town of Holcomb, Kansas to investigate the crime. Up against apparently no motive, and few clues, he interviewed local residents and investigators before authorities discovered or apprehended the perpetrators.

In Cold Blood, is a work that goes beyond the crime itself, with insights into the nature of American violence, and is the second-biggest-selling true crime book in publishing history. A tale of such power moves not only around the country but around the territory of the human psyche and heart. Dupin is an amateur sleuth who uses logical deduction to solve how the crime was committed, putting himself into the position of the criminal. These stories are not only the undervalued roots of modern detective fiction but staggeringly good stories as well.

Private Investigator Cormoran Strike lands the high-profile case of a lifetime. While the police have brushed the case aside as suicide, the death of supermodel Lula Landry, known by friends as Cuckoo, will not be left unsolved by her brother John Bristow. Strike finds himself in the world of rock-star boyfriends, desperate designers, and multi-millionaire beauties, navigating all varieties of enticement, seduction, pleasure, and delusion. You have never met a detective like Strike, nor seen the famous and wealthy under the scrutiny of an investigation like this.

Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, is called to the Louvre in the middle of the night, where the curator has been murdered and his body covered in baffling symbols. As Langdon and Sophie Neveu, a gifted French cryptologist, decipher the symbols, they discover a trail of clues in the works of Leonardo da Vinci, ingeniously disguised by the painter.

Unless Langdon and Neveu can solve the puzzle—while running from a hidden adversary who knows their every move—the ancient truth will be lost forever. A gleefully erudite suspense novel. Today she sees something shocking. This changes everything. She takes it to the police and finds herself entangled in the investigation and lives of those involved.

But is she reliable? Has she created more trouble than good? Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman, gets picked up and arrested for murder in less than an hour after arriving in Margrave, Georgia. Attempting to solve the case for which he is the primary suspect, he unearths a counterfeiting ring implicating the mayor himself. Through a complicated and dangerous web of deceit, Reacher faces off with a foe that will stop at nothing to protect the operation. At the heart of the mystery is a valuable Maltese Falcon statuette.

Meet the quiet heroes and see the noir side of life that makes Montana as real as it is mythic. These are stories written by authors with Montana in their blood. While Montana Noir may seem incongruous to some; noir is black-and-white, streets and alleys—noir knows no boundaries. Noir is struggle, being trapped, doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. These are timeless sagas of choice, crime, and consequences.

When writing mysteries, L. Ron Hubbard immersed himself in the salient subject matter—studying both forensic science and criminal investigation. This book received at least 6 starred reviews from different library journals and ended up on a few Best Books of It is very special. Dark Matter is definitely unputdownable.


I read Sleeping Giants, it was just ok for me. Excuse me, that seems rather unkind and uncalled for. Readers do not judge other readers. Have you never been so engrossed in a book that you do not move from the couch all day? If not, I am very sorry for you indeed. Is it in the length of the sentences? The number of pages? The thoughts within? Even the simplest of prose can contain the most challenging of ideas.

I am all for challenging and pushing oneself to greater heights of reading, but not at the cost of tearing others down. I hope they bring you as much enjoyment as my assortment will provide me! But … but … Ethan Frome! Narrative of the Life of an American Slave! The Metamorphosis! The Old Man and the Sea! Heart of Darkness! The Awakening! The Little Prince! Henry James! But some amazing authors through the centuries have written works that they hoped and prayed and intended their audiences would consume quickly whether by reading or listening , in a day or two aka 24 hours or even in one sitting.

I read to be entertained, to escape, or to be edified. Easy or hard? Fast or slow? Reading is reading. I have a couple of these books right now! Great list — the only downside is my Amazon wish list is getting bigger all the time! The Likeness is my favorite Tana French book. Hands down. What a great post! Theres a couple there that ive gone and added to my amazon wish list! I love reading and this post has just fueled my addiction! I am choosing this book for my April book club selection, because it will definitely make for a terrific discussion. What a fun post topic! Reading is personal… so personal.

The Alex awards go to ten books written for adults that are considered great crossover books into the YA world. Great comment, Barb!

I read Small Great Things in 24 hours….. Same here, Carol! It was painful but in a good way. I am so glad I read this one and hope the lessons I learned stick with me as well as continue to develop. Love, LOVE this list! Great book that I highly recommend. Read it this year as part of my PopSugar Reading Challenge! I just saved a bunch of these picks, so thank you. Also, I need to say that The Sea of Tranquility is absolutely nothing like Eleanor and Park with the exception of the two main characters starting off as unlikely friends.

Not sure where you saw that comparison. I love this list, and have added all but 2 to my TBR! She has become a fast favorite. Tana French is one of my favorites, too. I read the first two Murder Squads and agree that The Likeness is a little farfetched, but it captivated me none the less. Just let go and enjoy the ride. Oh boy, now I have to request some of these at my library! I read Behind Closed Doors by B. Based on what you said, neither is overwhelming with profanity or gore, although both are certainly present in each. You have to read Bird Box by Josh Malerman, I am not usually a fan of books that scare me but this book I could not put down!!!

It was so good! I love your list! Now I know what to get next time I go to the Library, Thank you!!!! It felt too modern at times for the a s setting there was one mention of a woman being out and about in tight jeans, which would have a been a major fashion faux pas and not even how jeans were made! Towles has said that he values story over historical accuracy although he was specifically referencing Moscow at the time, not rules.

However: I think sometimes authors painstakingly check their facts, much more than we give them credit for. I just finished When Breath Becomes Air. You will need a few tissues for this. This is about a young doctor who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Simply amazing how he became such a big star of a great show. Thank you Anne for this wonderful post!!!

Your the best!!! There are three books in this series, each one I loved and devoured. None of these are my cup of tea. I stayed up way too late reading it! I can sit and read the day away! I read Good As Gone last night in under five hours! I am excited to try some books on your list. I love Unputdownable books. I have started listening to Audible while I cook and drive and am reading way more than I used to. Excited to try a few of yours. It was probably my favorite of the year. Both of these last two have a common thread and I feel entertained and dare I say, educated at the same time.

All three of these are excellent. If you are struggling with only one audiobook a month, hoopla has a good selection available and you can access them through your local library! I was just going to suggest checking with your library for downloadable audiobooks. Beth, I was extremely happy to discover that there are now several apps that are free that allow you to check out audio books from the library.

They seem to accept any library card in the country. That allows me to listen to many more books than I could afford to otherwise. Check them out. Would have been one but one but it was during the week and I had work. Such a fun read. Races, long odds, war, shark attacks, and starvation. Lovely post, and great recommendations! Such an interesting list! I made a note of 14 of these — will definitely be checking them out! Thanks for this! I love a good nail biter! They are different than books listed here, but a fun escape to worlds only imagined.

I ended up staying up all night because I could not put it down. I love all Neal Shusterman! His newest book Scythe, YA dystopian adventure did not disappoint. Set in a society where death, war, hunger have been conquered…His Unwind trilogy are my favorite dystopian novels.

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I read Scythe in less than two days! I could never read a real book in 24 hours no matter how good it was. Too many kids to give me that kind of nice quality time with a book. I completely agree with the Nightingale being an amazing book. Another one that I would say was just as good and in this category of historical fiction is The Orphan Train. Happy reading! It is a very well-crafted book and fun reading. It is also a very good book for a book group discussion. I find myself thinking of Jeannette Walls frequently and I wonder if her story will, in fact, be made into a movie as mentioned.

An inspirational, yet sad story. TY so much to all the contributors—have added these titles to my list as well as some of the other suggestions. I cant believe no Colleen Hoover book was included on this list! Colleen Hoover is my favorite author. However, just be warned she writes about unhealthy relationships so some people may not like her books.

The Shack! We were on vacation a few years ago and it was a suggestion on my kindle. I was raised catholic and religion is such a touchy subject!! But I bought it!!! Read it in less than 24 hours. Beautiful book. Very touching. Gave me a new perspective on my faith!! Sad but beautiful. And Defending Jacob! Thank you for the blog!!! One of my favorites. I was reading it at work and i would finish a chapter and so oh he did it. I drove my co-workers nuts! Completely agree. I started reading Defending Jacob on the flight to our D.

Same kind of different as me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Check it out before you see the movie. The Nazi Officers Wife. For me this was beyond belief, I was half way through the book before I realized it was a true story. We have no concept of what people went through during WW2.

I always forget about that author yup loved what I read. Still alice was so good and inside the obriens was also good. I still need to read her Anthony book. I have recently fallen in love with Susanna Kearsley. I forgot about going to sleep and finished the book around a. I loved it so much, I read it again on Saturday!

What a great story! Through a Glass Darkly, Karleen Cohen.

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Literally read the book in 24 hours, did not sleep. Amazing book. Awesome list! I love that book! I might need to read it again! That was one of them! I have read a lot of books that I wanted to keep reading but they were too thickl to finish in a day. Also an all time favorite for me is Midwives by Chris Bohajalian. Empty Mansions was great. Colossus non-fiction. He even makes you feel a little sorry for him. May I send you a complimentary copy? Anything by Elena Ferrante. I could not put down the Neopolitan novels. The story of Lila and Elena through the years was captivating. Another one that I just could not put down.

Replay, by Ken Grimwood. Came out in the s, but I reread it recently and it still holds up. And again? I read this the first time when I was supposed to be studying for a final the next day; I intended to read a couple chapters, but read the whole thing and never did get any studying done. After the final which I did well on, whew! I went home and read Replay all over again.

I finished it feeling informed, empathetic and inspired. One of my best reads in my entire life. Sea of Tranquility, yes!!!!

'Biggest Loser: Couples' recap: Episode 14

I recommend Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult. Danielle-I agree about Jodi Picoult. I have pulled some all-nighters because of her-so much fun! To go along with the Jodi Picoult theme of these last few comments, I read the entirety of Small Great Things yesterday. It was incredibly riveting and eye-opening — it provides a sharp acknowledgement of contemporary racism and its effects.

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  4. Words Of Encouragement From Gods Heart To Yours.

It was phenomenal. Look forward to books on your list! I second The Nightingale! Loved it. And love this list. Just having trouble deciding where to begin! I agree that there is value in reading books by authors from a wide variety of backgrounds.

That said accusations and shame rarely achieve the desired result — they are more likely to make people defensive than affect change. You know what? You and Laura are exactly right. I should have responded differently. With less of a throwaway comment, and more along the lines of attempting to be helpful. Thank you for pointing that out. When we choose to erase race from the conversation, we have a default to whiteness. It means that People of Color are excluded.

In terms of suggested titles, I will happily provide some. I will get back with some others. Thanks again for the suggestion. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Here are some books by authors of color that fit this blog post theme. It was absolutely delightful. Hope others chime in as well. I have some serious reading to do. Not a 24 hour read—but well worth the time. People are loving this Facebook post and all the great shares. SO many amazing books. Jemisin Person recommended pretty much anything the author writes How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America by Kiese Laymon Said it was her best read in all of As someone said on the Facebook post, that is one badass list.

And folks can alternate, if they choose, to take in more of the richness of writers in America. Thanks to those who are actually open and interested in doing this. I hope you find some great reads on all these lists. Great list! I can never put her books down and tend to reread them! I highly suggest it! Thank you! You are absolutely right. I responded above to Brandyn, but wanted to make sure you saw that comment. I totally agree Sarah D. If a book sounds good I read it. The color of the author never even crosses my mind!

I read for the story! Add to this Girl on Train. The movie was good but the book is incredible. I love this list and will look for these. I feel the same way! Loved Girl on a Train. The Nightingale….. A must-read and one I hope they make into a movie. I loved this book! Both are amazing books! Talk about plot twists!

I was reading the same ideas over and over. I pay more attention to the authors I choose now, and my reading lists is much healthier because of it—and my world view more complete. I promise this is my very last comment. And how smart you are, Criss! I just tripped over this post that listed 34 books by Women of Color.

Inclusion has real consequences. They are all new releases for Added them to my long long TBR list. Thanks for sharing. This list is may cause my TBR to topple over! A few years ago I read The secret keeper by Kate Morton and loved it!! Well written and suspenseful right to the final chapter. The Secret Keeper was very good!

My all time favorite is September by Rosamunde Pilcher. Like most of her books it makes one long to be in the Scottish countryside. More of a character study than a driving plot. Also excellent was Shell Seekers.

How to Lose Weight Running or Walking

Love this author. I loved Shell Seekers too. Pilcher is an excellent writer, well able to reel you into a new world. I think her The Secret Place is just as good. Both are about friendship—it seems to be what she does best. I just joined today so I will be adding more titles that I love. This novel managed to break my heart then patch it up only to make my heart get back in the ring for round two.

I read this books years ago and still I recommend it to everyone. Definitely one of those that touch your heart and linger near your soul. Oh how I loved this book. I listened to it and the two readers were amazing. A must read or listen!! Portrayed complicated people with kindness. Also listened to the audiobook. Frederik Backman is a magical writer! I cannot stop thinking about Ove! I just came across this page from someone that shared this on Facebook, and boy I must say I am so happy to have stumbled upon that link and your blog!

What a homey and cozy feel you have here, and I will be sure to check your entires day after day. The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. The writing style and the story of this memoir make it absolutely un-putdownable. Just saved your list to come back to. Also, not a mystery, but gripping, is my memoir about fighting cancer during my first pregnancy: Tiger in rather Dark. Liked reading many of the comments on the different selections. I may have to try a few.

All Things Beautiful by Nikki Leonti Edgar | Koorong

I love to read books relating to Holocaust and that sad era. If anyone knows of any plese tell me titles. The boy in the striped pajamas. From Cardinals to Crows by T. Tate Publishing. The author is a personal friend of mine. The Girl in the Train — Paula Hawkins. You are right-on about these — I read 3 of them in the last 5 days! And have another to pick up at the library tonight.

Whenever I need a suggestion of what to read, I always find many good options here? I just picked up that book from library yesterday to read for my mystery books for March. Hope I like it. Behind Closed Doors by P. I definitely finished it the same day that I started. I was like this with Summer Sisters by Judy Blume. I recommend it to everyone! It was unputdownable by many reviewers on Goodreads and Amazon! What a great list! Not only were half of these book already on my list, but almost all of these books are written by women! Love this list — great books for my daily walks in the woods.

Hopefully that means you get credit for recommending them. Super Powereds and Red Rising are my all time favorites. Time just flew by listening to these books. Written in I found it at a thrift store. Compelling historical account. Available via bookstores or Amazon. Amazing story of a family on a journey of grief and healing. Perhaps the best description is given by Sister Helen Prejean, C. This family drama is a must-read that teaches us about the true nature of justice and our very humanity. I was left breathless by the end.

Not only was this an amazing read, it revolutionized my life, as well. I could not put down The Bookshop on the Corner by J. Colgan and Murder at the Brightwell by A. Looking forward to the others in this series. The Gifting by K. I got it free from Amazon but will definitely be buying the other books in the trilogy. Think Frank Peretti or Stephen King but not as heavy. I have found almost every single one of the Ian Rutledge mysteries by Charles Todd to be un-put-downable. I rarely sit down and read a book in one sitting but yesterday I almost finished The Dry.

I think you recommended this book on one of your podcasts. You said Reese Weatherspoon bought the movie rights before it even went to press. In the my comment I was using voice text. Great list, read 3 on this list and put 3 more on hold at the library. My 24 hour reads are always Michael Connelly and Karin Slaughter.

Yellow Crocus, Laila Ibrahim — historical fiction about a Southern black woman working for wealthy Plantation owners. Could not put down! And although it took me a little longer than that, because of work, I tore through The Royal We, too. Great book quick read. Can not put it down. Sweet and touching! Something that I cannot stand is when chapters alternate between different characters points of view.

You should try Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King…. An oldie but a goodie. Both great books! Each has been memorable. Took me longer than 24 hours because frankly, it often made me uncomfortable. Very timely subject matter, exploring racism and white supremacy with an unforgettable story. Months later… I am still pondering this book.

It will leave you with a respect for our Military. I loved Unbroken! Love,Water,Memory by Jennie Shortridge. Reading this was a wonderful way to get lost in a weekend spent turning pages! Have read it at least 10 times and shared with many friends over the years. Reading again this weekend. Oh my. I Love, love, love the Proud Breed. I too have read many times and passed along to friends. Rachel's problem with conception is soon diagnosed as being due to "partial Asherman's syndrome ", a storyline that runs through Series 3 and 4.

Ann Furedi of BPAS, which had supplied information to the writing team during the research stages, stated that there had not been a recorded case of Asherman's syndrome in the United Kingdom since the Second World War. Further to that, she stated that the consensus among medical groups was that there was no real direct link between abortions and infertility; rather an untreated infection could increase the chances of fertility problems if it interfered with an abortion.

Christine Geraghty [] countered that the factual accuracy of the storyline depended on how the producers wanted to portray the issue to viewers. Her opinion was backed up by an ITV statement, which said that "stories for Cold Feet are not just chosen in order to make people aware of the issues involved; they're also chosen for their dramatic potential and relevance to modern living". Cold Feet continued to cover social issues when it returned in The character of Pete was diagnosed with depression.

Writer Mike Bullen himself has battled depression. In a feature for The Guardian ' s G2 supplement, screenwriter Danny Brocklehurst discussed the impact the series has had on British television, including inspiration for one of his programmes, Talk to Me. He opined that until Cold Feet there had not been a significant television series depicting "the wants and needs of ordinary young adults" since Thirtysomething concluded in Brocklehurst developed Talk to Me in the same manner as Bullen developed Cold Feet , namely by basing its characters on his own experiences and friends.

Cold Feet proved that you didn't have to have a high concept to make compelling, heartwarming, sometimes profound drama. And, while the show dealt with issues such adoption, alcoholism and testicular cancer, it was always at its most successful when bouncing playfully between the three couples, neatly exposing the differences between men and women. Over four years after Cold Feet ended, ITV executives were still looking for a series that could comfortably replace it. On his appointment as chairman of ITV plc in , Michael Grade announced that he wanted the ITV network to be broadcasting long-running series like Cold Feet to attract the younger, upmarket viewing demographic.

It's about people in their early thirties. Mutual Friends moves things on—what's happening to our characters as they approach 40 is very different. Why do so many lives fall apart at 40? Because things haven't worked out how we hoped and we've had to turn to Plan B. The drama is all about the crisis caused by things not turning out as the characters planned. Granada Entertainment USA, the American arm of Granada Productions , tendered the series format to American networks and cable channels from late Low ratings lead to the series being cancelled after four episodes.

The first series was broadcast from September During and after its original run, Cold Feet won over 20 major awards. The Best Bits , compiled by Geoff Tibballs, features script extracts and behind-the-scenes information from directors, producers and actors in the first two series. It features backstories for the characters, drawn from Bullen's scripts for the first two series. The book sold copies in the first week of publication, making tenth position on the hardback non-fiction chart. Five soundtracks have been released, featuring music from the series.

The soundtrack had been shelved before release but was put back on the schedule when Mirror journalist Charlie Catchpole wrote a column that desired for it to be released. Cheatwell Games issued a licensed board game in Series 1—3 have been released in the United States by Acorn Media. A collection of all five series was released in the United Kingdom in A version exclusive to Play. The pilot and first series was made available as streaming media on ITV plc's revamped itv. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Cold Feet disambiguation.

Main article: Pilot Cold Feet. See also: List of Cold Feet episodes. Main article: Cold Feet series 1. Main article: Cold Feet series 2. Main article: Cold Feet series 3. Main articles: Cold Feet series 4 and Series 4, Episode 8. Main article: Cold Feet series 5. Main article: Cold Feet series 6. Main article: Cold Feet series 7. Main article: Cold Feet series 8. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Cold Feet. The Independent. Retrieved 20 November Granada Television. London Screenwriters' Workshop. Retrieved 17 July Archived from the original on 13 February Broadcast Emap Business : p.

The Digital Fix. Retrieved 18 December Video Collection International. The News Letter Johnston Press : p. Sunday Mirror MGN : p. Retrieved 2 April Daily Mail Associated Newspapers : p. Retrieved 29 March Female First. Retrieved 4 February BBC News. The Sunday Times Times Newspapers : p. Interview with Jenni Murray. Woman's Hour. BBC Radio 4. BBC Film Network. Retrieved 14 January by WebCite on 14 January Evening Standard Associated Newspapers : p. Sunday Express Express Newspapers. Retrieved 28 August Radio interview with Kate Silverton.

BBC Radio 5 live. The Independent Independent Newspapers : p. Televisual Televisual Media UK. Warrington Guardian Newsquest. Daily Mirror MGN : p. Video Collection International under license from Granada Interactive. The News Letter Century Newspapers : p. Broadcast Emap Media. Retrieved 30 June The Age Fairfax Media : p. Broadcastnow Emap Media. Brand Republic Haymarket Media. Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 16 December Retrieved 16 May Archived 28 July at Archive. The Independent Independent Newspapers : pp. Retrieved 2 December Radio interview with Mark Lawson.

Front Row. The Scotsman The Scotsman Publications : p. Thank you". The Times Times Newspapers : p. Scotland on Sunday The Scotsman Publications : p. Broadcasting Standards Commission: p.

Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20) Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20)
Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20) Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20)
Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20) Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20)
Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20) Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20)
Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20) Walking for Weight Loss (Niki Edgar Mysteries Book 20)

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