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Bible Theasaurus Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Celebrating Mass ad orientem , then, is meant to remind us of all these important factors of our faith, and, ultimately, that the Mass is not first and foremost about us, but rather about God and His glory—about worshipping Him as He desires and not as we think best. It is His work after all, not ours, and we are simply entering into it by His gracious will.


In , Pope Benedict spoke of just this fact in his address to the monks of Heiligenkreuz Abbey in Vienna:. We stand before God—he speaks to us and we speak to him.

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Whenever in our thinking we are only concerned about making the liturgy attractive, interesting and beautiful, the battle is already lost. Either it is Opus Dei [the work of God], with God as its specific subject, or it is not.

Turning Towards the Lord : Orientation in Liturgical Prayer by Uwe Michael Lang (2009, Paperback)

In the light of this, I ask you to celebrate the sacred liturgy with your gaze fixed on God within the communion of saints, the living Church of every time and place, so that it will truly be an expression of the sublime beauty of the God who has called men and women to be his friends! Another common objection or at least misunderstanding is that this particular way of celebrating Mass was disallowed at or after the Second Vatican Council.

This is not accurate, as none of the conciliar documents even mention this. Finally, let me say a few words on the matter of preference. There is an old saying that holds de gustibus non est disputandum: when it comes to taste, there is no room for dispute. To a point, that is true.

Turning Towards the Lord: Orientation in Liturgical Prayer - Uwe Michael Lang - Google книги

Nobody can fault anybody for liking chocolate chip ice cream more than mint, or Chevrolet more than Ford. When it comes to the ways in which we worship God, however, nothing is simply a matter of taste. For all these reasons, I have decided that, since the recent solemnity of Corpus Christi, the am Sunday Mass will henceforth be celebrated ad orientem at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Gallup.

This provides the faithful with the opportunity to attend the Mass in this way—indeed, in this way which is still approved and generously allowed by the Church. This is also a practice I would like to encourage throughout the Diocese of Gallup. I believe it is pastoral to offer Masses both ad orientem and versus populum , so that, together, we can all be exposed to the varied riches of the Church and Her prayerful history.

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  • With St. May He increase our faith, rule our mind, give us spiritual thoughts, and at last lead us to His blessedness, through Jesus Christ His Son.

    Turning Towards the Lord–and Against Clericalism

    Mary Magdalene. Description Bishop James Wall of Gallup announced that each Sunday a Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral will be said with the celebrant facing the same direction as the faithful, in order better to respect the Blessed Sacrament.

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    Turning Towards The Lord Turning Towards The Lord
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