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August DuPont has always been an outsider.

But all is not what it seems, and family secrets start unraveling when August is followed home one day by a rather shy zombie. Grandmamma is a retired witch hunter, and she warns the boy of their evils. On holiday at a lavish hotel, the boy is confronted by the Grand High Witch herself — and promptly turned in to a mouse. Together, the boy now mouse and Grandmamma devise a plan to rid the world of witches once and for all. The Creakers has plenty of humor and wackiness for readers who prefer more lighthearted thrills. No rules, no school, no vegetables. But Lucy misses her mom, and when she peeks under her bed — inspired bny the creaking sounds she always hears down there — she discovers the Creakers, gross creatures who have stolen all the parents.

Will Lucy and her friends be able to save the grownups? He tries to avoid sleeping to avoid the nightmares, but, eventually, his eyes close and he drifts into terrible dreams. The nightmares come to life when Jack is kidnapped, and Charlie finds himself on a terrifying mission that takes him into the dream world to save his brother. Even though it's not really a movie, a Charlie Brown special is required for every holiday.

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Instead of spending the night hiding from ghosts, watch Dr. Peter Venkman and his crew bust some ghosts and save the world while they do it. Some people like the classic horror movie tales, filled with monsters and horrible creatures. This movie has all that, only packaged as the story of a boy and his lovable dog.

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Mobs of evil vampires won't ruin this cheerleader's prom, and they certainly won't ruin your fright-free Halloween. Joss Whedon's original Buffy is just as cool, if a little campy. The easily-scared can't go wrong with a Disney Channel made-for-TV movie if they're looking to stay away from ghouls and goblins. Although, you might see a few in the movie -- just grab a friend if you get scared.

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Even though he can be a little ghoulish, Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice is certainly no Freddy Krueger. Just try not to say his name three times. Maybe nightmare killers, ghostface slashers and devil children set you off, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a little blood and guts. And if it gets too scary, you can always just go to the Winchester, have a pint, and wait for all this to blow over.

The tales of Dr. Frankenstein or is it, Frahn-ken-steen? But spooky tales are always easier to swallow when they're told by Mel Brooks. Just because you're easily scared doesn't mean you can't enjoy the creepy antics of spooky ghosts and zombies. Plus, everyone loves a misunderstood kid who can talk to dead people.

This kid-friendly witch-movie is based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name -- so it's bound to have some scary parts. But it's worth watching Anjelica Huston in one of her quintessential magical roles. Even though the title says "Christmas," this is a movie you can watch for three months straight. That way, you can enjoy the best parts Halloween plus all the cheer of the holidays.

Ghosts are scary, but friendly ghosts are charming. Instead of cowering under your bedsheets, spend the night getting to know your favorite Harvey Comics character from the after life. If movies like 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead send you running for cover, here is one friendly zombie movie you can get behind. Instead of an insatiable desire for brains, Johnny has an insatiable desire to win the heart of the girl of his dreams. She mostly sports geek-chic hair - a heavy fringe, sometimes dyed different colours - and wears vintage-styled outfits.

Blythe is basically a mini version of Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry combined. Except she's a doll. Saturday's event is the annual, all-day Blythe Convention for fans, taking place in the UK for the third consecutive year. There will be stands selling the latest Blythe outfits and masterclasses on "how to sew a dress for Blythe in under an hour.

Watch with mother: what are the scariest children's films?

Tickets for BlytheCon, as it is known, sold out within weeks of going on sale. It's an unusual hobby, yes, and there can be a lot of nerdiness around it. But it's really no different from any other hobby. Blythe is big business, although it didn't start out that way. The dolls were first made in America in hence the 40th birthday by now-defunct toy manufacturer Kenner , but they never caught on.

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The big head and the big eyes made the dolls too scary for little children to play with, and Blythe was ditched after just one year. But nearly 30 years later, a Blythe renaissance occurred. She fell in love with it and started hunting down Kenner originals on eBay.


Garan, an amateur photographer, started taking pictures of her Blythe dolls, styled up as if in in a fashion magazine. In , her photo collection was snapped up and published in a book called This is Blythe. Over , copies of it have sold since. A year later a Japanese company, Takara , began to produce new versions of Blythe. This time her popularity soared, and not just in Japan - thanks to Garan's book and website , the Blythe craze was well and truly under way. There are now Blythe conventions all over the world, including New York, Barcelona and Berlin, where thousands of Blythe fans congregate every year.

Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups
Too Scary for Grownups

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