SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car

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He now hopes that the post will reach the boy and his mother so he can take the teen out to dinner as a thank you for his kindness. You ever need anything, I will come running to ya.

I thought this was a great article to write about. There is not enough news being told about acts of kindness, but there are lots of bad things that are always making the news. Ryan K. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. I was impressed as anybody else. They found what seemed like hundreds or thousands of Model 3s being trucked into a lot through a gate and behind fences. Photos tonight. One man started sending a drone over automobile auction houses, posting videos of Teslas stored there. A loosely formed Shorty Ground Force began posting pictures of Teslas stored for weeks on lots across the country.

Crow Point Partners, an investment firm with a short position in Tesla, periodically posted pictures of Model 3s parked in Norwood, Mass. The snow recently melted, but most of the cars are still there, the firm contends. In an age of social media Photoshop fakes, it pays to be leery about anything that appears on Twitter or elsewhere online. A reporter roamed a public parking lot outside the Crunch Gym in Burbank, where more than Teslas sat. The vehicle identification numbers showed that many were manufactured in Machine Planet has created a website called Crowdsourced Tesla Research at tslaq.

He backs up his assertion with data from IHS Markit, a market research firm, as reported recently in the New York Times : Tesla said it delivered , cars in Most were in the United States. But IHS said only , were registered nationwide. The shorts say distorted sales claims fit with a long list of hyperbolic and misleading Musk statements:. The company has yet to achieve a steady rate of half that number.

Or his solar tile demonstration, a product that was supposed to revolutionize the residential solar market by embedding solar panels into the roof itself. Justice is important too. Twitter: russ1mitchell. About Us.

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Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. April 8, Short-sellers are value destroyers. Should definitely be illegal. Russ Mitchell. Follow Us.

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Russ Mitchell covers the rapidly changing global auto industry, with special emphasis on California, including Tesla, electric vehicles and driverless cars, for the Los Angeles Times. More From the Los Angeles Times. Pick a recipe you'll make every year and get them "involved" with a spoon and an empty mixing bowl. You'll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor together and it'll help encourage them to cook with you more year-round, too.

We all know that as babies grow up—independence is a priority, no matter how ready for it we really are. This year, give them the gift of being in charge. By allowing your little one to eat what they want, wear what they pick a sparkly tutu? No problem.

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An adorable Christmas cape? Looking back now, 11 years later, falling in love was so easy. We were attracted to each other, we were both single, we didn't have many serious responsibilities yet, and we had plenty of time. Time to get to know one another and how to care for each other. Time to adventure together and learn who we were both as a couple and as individuals, too.

We now have seven years of marriage under our belts and six years of parenthood. Every day we're learning how to be a stronger team throughout the curveballs life and our kids throw at us. Like a toddler who could most likely climb to the top of the Empire State Building without ropes, Free Solo style. Or the bed wetting. Or the crib escaping. Or all the childcare puzzle pieces.

Or the beauty and pain of watching our kids need us less as they become more independent. Or the daily doses of attitudes, whining fits, and meltdowns—all from three children who we created ourselves. These curveballs can feel like a lot. Some days are so exhausting, I could fall asleep the second you walk through the door. And some days are so trying, I could drive off into the sunset the second you walk through the door.

I would come back, I promise. These years that we've been raising young children together have felt heavy because they're full. Full of twists and turns, of guilt and exhaustion, of happiness and growth. They've felt heavy because of the weight.

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The weight of the worries on our minds, the anxiety in our hearts, the stress on our bodies. Like making a cup of my favorite tea and delivering it to me on the couch. Giving me a back rub when I complain about my aches. Watching the movies I pick out over and over again without complaining. Listening to me vent without looking at your phone or brushing my worries off to move onto something else.

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Sitting with me when I need to cry. Reassuring me when I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. The mornings that start with you delivering me a cup of coffee in bed before you head to work are the BEST. It may seem like a small act of love, but it feels like a big, giant hug from you.

Facebook brings Stories, its Snapchat clone, to main app

And I love getting those from you, too. You're the sole weekend diaper changer because you're at work during most of the weekday changes. You're the laundry master, the middle-of-the-night potty helper, the toy assembler, the hair washer and consequently, the soap-getter-out-of-the-eyer. All the little things that you do for me, for us, add up to a huge pile of gratefulness, respect, validation and appreciation. They show me—like I aim to show you by the way I care for you—that you see me as a human.

Not just the mother of your children. Not just the family chef. Not just the breastfeeder. Not just the chauffeur.

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Not just the magic maker, boo-boo healer, or errand-runner. You see that woman you fell in love with 11 years ago. The woman I've grown into. The woman I'm aspiring to be; always aiming to better myself. You notice the effort I'm putting in and you look me in the eyes to let me know you're proud. You see me trying to dig out from under all this motherhood and find myself again. Did I get lost? I'm not sure exactly. I mostly think I've just evolved. Am evolving. But I do think I've lost touch with myself a little along the way, and you're always encouraging me to find my way back. Thank you for the little stuff, the big stuff.

The invisible stuff, the grandeur stuff. The simple stuff, the complicated stuff. The stuff that comes easy to you, the stuff that you'd probably rather not do but you do anyway because you love me.

SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car
SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car
SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car
SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car
SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car SNAPS: Stories and Photos Of Growing Up In A Car

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