Seasonal Drinks: Summer

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On-Trend Spring Cocktail Recipes

Each drink is made with a combination of a Starbucks' flavored fruit juice blend, combined with lemonade, then sweetened with liquid cane sugar. Everything is hand-shaken with ice.

Each beverage is between to calories, but all of the new drinks can be lightened up by omitting the cane sugar or the lemonade. Customers can also mix and match any combo of the fruity teas to create a uniquely refreshing drink. In addition to the new tea drinks, Starbucks is also offering an update to the beverage Ariana Grande promoted this year : the Cloud Macchiato.

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The drink also comes with a mocha drizzle and is also available hot. Unlike the tea drinks but just like its predecessor , the Cocoa Cloud Macchiato is not vegan since it's made with egg whites.

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As an added incentive to give the new drinks a try, Starbucks is offering a happy hour special this week. The pink drink even managed to compete with Aperol spritzes as the summer drink of choice and, as everyone knows, Aperol spritz is the hippest accessory for people spending hot days and warm nights on beaches, rooftops, and outdoor bars.

5 *NEW* Lemonade Recipes!

Because seasonal cocktails become so iconic during the summer months, we wondered what drinks would be making waves this year as the weather warms up. Though we won't really know what 's Aperol spritz is until summer drink menus are unveiled and bar-goers begin sharing photos of their favourite cocktails on Instagram, bartenders have already started predicting what people will be ordering most this year. We spoke to seven beverage professionals from all over the country to see what they're betting on.

Read up on their picks, ahead.

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  • Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer
    Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer
    Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer
    Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer
    Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer
    Seasonal Drinks: Summer Seasonal Drinks: Summer

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