On His Blindness

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In structure, the sonnet is a typical Petrarchan sonnet. Nevertheless, its subject matter departs from that of Petrarchan poems. While Petrarca was famous for writing poems about love, Milton deals with very practical and physical problem but still contain many spiritual implications.

Who best Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. As a man without light, he now lives in a world that is both "dark and wide. Interestingly, Milton makes it seem as if the world has run out of light, rather than growing dark because of any blindness on his part.

On His Blindness

It is a subordinate clause that opens a box of ideas on what could follow. However, the follow-up of the first line came only until the seventh and eight line.

Milton went completely blind at the age of This "talent" is "lodged" or buried within the speaker just like the money in the story, "The Parable of Talents. To the contrary, his soul desires is "bent" to use his skills in the service of his "Maker," God. And if God is anything like the lord from the parable, the speaker could get cast into a darkness even more fearful than the one created by his blindness. Line analysis "Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?

God is complete and perfect.

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He doesn't need work or talents "gifts" of any kind. Line 11 analysis Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. It's not how much you have to show for your time on earth that counts, it's how you handle your submission to God. Line analysis His state Is Kingly. Thousands at his bidding speed And post o'er Land and Ocean without rest: They also serve who only stand and wait.

Since it a sonnet, it would also follow that the poem is an example of a lyric poetry. Poetic Elements : Rhythm All the lines in the poem are in iambic pentameter. In this metric pattern, a line has five pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables, for a total of ten syllables. The first two lines of the poem illustrate this pattern: Poetic Elements : Voice The voice of this poem is a man who is seething with frustration with his incapability of serving God profitably.

The voice of the poem laments on his loss of sight and how this problem could affect his poetic talent.

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At the beginning, the voice helps us picture out a world that is dark and wide then at the end, it help us imagined God with His angels doing his bidding and human at His side singing praise for Him. He feels guilty because he thinks that due to his blindness, he could not anymore serve his purpose. He thinks that because of the loss of his eyesight, his poetic talent would be buried deep into his soul and would not anymore see the light of the day.

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  4. He planned on serving God profitably and using his talent for prosperity. However, due to him getting blind at a young age, all his hopes was replaced by his self-doubt. Patience is an important virtue because it is due to this that we achieved the others. If we do not have any patience to do something then we could never depart from zero. Also during his time of darkness, his patience preserved, stayed strong and never wavered. It was Patience that stopped him from further questioning himself and God. It was this virtue that helped him have an epiphany on his blindness. He adored him to the point that he wanted to serve Him with all that he has, and feared him because he thinks that when one does not utilize his talent, he would be punished.

    Since he is blind, he could not anymore perfectly utilized his poetic talent and that would lead him to his damnation He wanted to serve God profitably just like how the first and second servant had served their Lord in the parable. However, his blindness stand as a hindrance to his goal. He then wonders if God would demand from him the same service of what He would demand to those who could see. Not only is his eyesight that is important to him, but also his spiritual light.

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    The spiritual light is the same as the light of life. Although he lost the light of his eyes, he was still alive due to his inner light preserving and giving him power. For example, if one carpenter can make only two chairs a day and another carpenter can make five, they both serve God equally well if the first carpenter makes his two chairs and the second makes his five. If one carpenter becomes severely disabled and cannot make even a single chair, he remains worthy in the sight of God.

    Figurative Language Milton uses figurative language to express his grievances and discontent. Moreover, Milton uses allegory in comparing his situation with the event in the Parable of Talents with him being the third servant who buried his money and God as the Lord. Furthermore, Milton uses personification to express the importance of words and values. Patience is his reasoning for accepting the fact that he is blind.

    On His Blindness by John Milton

    It is used to introduce the answer towards his questioning. In this case, Milton's faith was justified, as he did conceive of a way to compose poetry though blind composing it in his head and dictating it to his daughters , and went on to write his major epics Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained after becoming totally blind.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Milton's later sonnets and the Cambridge manuscript. Modem Philology, 54 , John Milton: Collected shorter poems. The poetical works of John Milton: with notes of various authors 3 vols. London: J. The title to the poem. Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database. Retrieved Haskin, Milton's burden of interpretation.

    Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, ISBN X. Urban, " The Talented Mr. Labriola ed. Categories :. Cancel Save.

    On His Blindness On His Blindness
    On His Blindness On His Blindness
    On His Blindness On His Blindness
    On His Blindness On His Blindness
    On His Blindness On His Blindness
    On His Blindness On His Blindness

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