Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)

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Margaret was spellbindingly sexy, but even she couldn't tame Snowdon: An explosive biography.

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Participants then lifted their voices in song to myriad musical settings of the two. It was an informative and inspiring evening. His discussion also included phrasing, fixing the tempo accurately, treatments for unfamiliar hymns, and motivating the congregation. Dean Joy Smith-Briggs led members in an inspirational —16 opening convocation worship service, bringing thoughts garnered from her attendance at the AGO Regional Convention in Indianapolis.

Elizabeth Smith of Lois Fyfe Music, Nashville, brought abundant selections, which she displayed on the stage adjacent to the beautiful Schantz organ. She discussed and demonstrated a number of the collections and pieces, leaving ample time for member browsing and purchase. United Methodist Church, Kingsport, Tenn. Selection themes reflected thankfulness in general, as well as remembrances of chapter member Randall Farley, who had died of a heart attack two days prior. He played a varied program to a capacity audience on the rank C.

Fisk at St. The recital was hosted jointly by the chapter and the church. Members of the chapter served as teachers, explaining and demonstrating some basics of organ playing. The students were encouraged to try out their keyboard skills on several of the organs in the center sales rooms. Griffith Bratt, J. The program also included recognition of Black History Month.

A reception with refreshments was arranged by Addie Yoder. February 7 , members gathered at St. Students heard demonstrations and were each invited to play the pipe organs. Afterward, the kids toured the organ chambers, led by Pete Webber. February 21 in Traverse City, the chapter held its sixth annual Two by Two duet recital, featuring duets of all kinds for pianos, organs, voice, and harpsichord.

January 25 , members and guests came to the Palace Theater to watch the s Buster Keaton silent movie One Week and listen to the Kilgen organ played by the house organist. Attendees had the opportunity to ride the lift with the organ as it was being played while coming out of the pit. The event also included a time to see places in the historic theater not normally available to the general public.

A lovely reception followed with lots of sweet refreshments, as well as Friends of the Felgemaker T-shirts and CDs for sale.

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January 24—February 7 , the chapter presented a Widor Festival. Featured were the Bakken Trio; choirs from the Cathedral of St. Paul Sean Vogt, director , St. The event could not have been executed successfully without the host locations, choirs, organists, conductors, performers, and promoters for successfully doing their part with grace and commitment. Our deepest appreciation and respect to John Near, around whom the idea grew while providing intriguing content and context throughout.

January 15 , the chapter met for its monthly dinner meeting, preceded by a social hour, at St. Then attendees adjourned to the sanctuary for a recital by Scott Dettra, who presented a program of organ music by Bach, Handel, and Mendelssohn. The recital was sponsored by Richard Hixson—a longtime chapter member and former dean.

For more than 20 years, Hixson has underwritten an organ recital as a gift to the community in celebration of his birthday, allowing his fellow organists and organ-music lovers to celebrate not only his birthday but also a very special evening of music. The tour concluded with a pizza lunch at St. We were pleased to have 45 participants—including 26 students, their parents, their instructors, and chapter member hosts.

We are truly grateful. He provided takeaway materials, including related resources and a wealth of improvisation guidance. Members, including two scholarship recipients, played a wide variety of works, showing off the talents of chapter members and the colors of the instrument. The program was well attended, and Williams received a standing ovation for her marvelous talent at the organ.

The first and last piece featured the percussion section of the Pacific Symphony, conducted by Carl Sinclair. Many varied and unique percussion instruments were employed in these two pieces. Then they crossed the street to the historic Wilshire Ebell Theatre and were entertained by Mark Herman member of both organizations. He played several holiday selections on the Barton theater organ, creatively accompanied the hilarious Laurel and Hardy film Big Business, and skillfully accompanied the singing of some favorite carols—with words projected on the screen!

It was a fun diversion in our busy season. October 2—4 , the region was privileged to have Michael Burkhardt in town for a series of events and a masterclass held at and cosponsored by Concordia University Irvine CUI. The program featured works by Bach, Mozart, and Torelli, among others.

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Jon Naples, choir director-organist at St. Gregory Funk, parish musician at St. January 16 , the chapter hosted nine young organists and pianists on an all-day Youth Organ Crawl. In addition to hearing and playing organs at St. Margaret and Erika. To relieve a boring summer, Margaret and Erika volunteer to befriend Maureen, a mute, fourteen-year-old patient at Greenwich's Rillston Hospital. Her doctor knows only that she recently gave birth, and that her parents were murdered.

Others believe that she has information about the spy who stole America's greatest secret: the plans for the Trident submarine's nuclear missile. Moved by the sight of Maureen's suffering, Erika reveals her own: that her sister and mother had been raped and killed by an enemy of her billionaire father and that she expects to share their fate. This statement adds yet another to Margaret's pressing worries: her family's poverty; her father's illness; her boyfriend's fears; and whether, at fourteen, she is ready to have sex.

But the girls have allies too: Abram, Erika's devoted bodyguard, a former officer of Russia's elite anti-terrorist Vympel unit; Margaret's father, a lawyer; the Orisha God, Babaluaiye, Margaret's spiritual husband; and fourteen-year-old Randy who is the love of her life.

Margaret at War.

After a troubled summer, peace has returned to the wealthy town of Greenwich. Until Bethany's sister and parents are murdered and Erika's billionaire father meets Polly, a beautiful young woman who marries and murders older men for their fortunes. Determined to defend her friends, Margaret goes to war but she has allies too: Hillary, an eighth grader who dreams of marrying "Bill," the former American president who lives nearby; Vladimir, a retired general of Russia's Presidential Security Service; a disabled lawyer, Margaret's father; and fourteen-year-old Randy who is the love of her life.

Margaret in Tokyo. Margaret searches in Tokyo for Maureen's kidnapped son. He is believed to live with Erich, the Russian Mafia leader who raped her, and Olga, his murderous wife. While working as the child's babysitter, Margaret learns of Erich's counterfeiting activities. Every spy who sought this information was brutally tortured and murdered and Margaret fears that she will meet their fate. Margaret and Eve. Fleeing from her dangerous past, Eve finds work as a school nurse in the peaceful town of Greenwich.

But terror quickly invades her life when three of her colleagues are murdered. Determined to defend her, Margaret enters a war of shadows, battling the wealthy and powerful while uncovering secrets which, if publicized, would paralyze the nation. But Margaret has allies too: Brenda, an eighth grader who carries a pistol on her nightly drives into Manhattan; Vladimir, a former general in Russia's Presidential Security Service; Hillary, the expectant mother of the world's most famous baby; and a disabled lawyer, Margaret's father, whose courage teaches her about life.

Margaret and Velda. Margaret is confronted by a classmate during a charity event. Sensing disbelief, Velda invites Margaret to visit her home and to see for herself. Murders begin, these being described as "vampire deaths" because of threir symptoms, and terror spreads from Greenwich across America. Margaret's fear increases when the brutally tortured body of Velda's mother is found. But Margaret has allies too: Vladimir, a former general in Russia's Presidential Security Service; Erika, the only child of Greenwich's billionaire widower; wealthy, respectable Aunt Lena, whose stories educate Margaret about love; and a disabled lawyer, Margaret's father, whose courage sets the example for her life.

In Margaret and Velda, Margaret's saga continues: "The events which I describe have unanswered questions. Because what happened could have killed you and me, all of us. Death and Destruction! Margaret and Emily. As Margaret's Sweet Sixteen party approaches, she is devastated by what she suddenly learns: the dangerous secret surrounding her birth; that her sister, to earn money for college, is working for an escort service; and that her childhood friend has been raped by the son of their high school principal. Margaret and Hillary.

Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)
Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6) Margaret and Velda (Margaret of Greenwich (R) Book 6)

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