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The Center of Being

Organize a group meditation in your community in your favorite peaceful spot! Learning and sharing from other mediators will give you new tools to add into your solo practice. Diversifying your meditations at-home will keep it fresh and fun while also allowing you to deepen your spiritual journey. Some days you may have a deep, peaceful meditation, while others you struggle to even find a comfortable seat.

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If you struggle to become centered, your meditation may become focused on providing positive energy to those around you instead of solely on yourself. On the other hand, if you often struggle staying centered, the energy from others can provide you with the support and guidance you need to experience deep meditation. For a beginner, being surrounded by more advanced mediators will help inspire you to continue on your spiritual journey.

Meditating with others makes it personally and socially more profound. Do you have a group meditation you want to share with us? Post your info on your group meditations in the comments below! Heather Askinosie is a crystal expert and leading influencer on the power of crystals, Feng Shui and holistic healing.

Journey launches its real-time group ‘Peloton for Meditation’

After graduating magna cum laude with a BA in History and an MS in Nutrition, she delighted her parents and the student loan companies by deciding to follow her heart and do absolutely nothing related to any of her degrees. Currently pursuing a hour certification, she was a yogini before yoga was cool.

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GROUP MEDITATION -- Vikashananda - #Manokranti - 2019

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Do I need to cover my shoulders? Are stretchy pants too revealing? Should I wear those classic tourist elephant print pants I got in Thailand? Are skirts allowed? Meditation, meet your match. The class was held in a basement room at my local library and consisted of a semicircle of chairs filled with both men and women, a mix of ages and ethnicities. No warm-toned candles, no beaded pillows and blankets, no slightly-too-strong choke-inducing incense, and absolutely no reason to have been stressed about what to wear.

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If I knew B would be leading my spiritual awakening, maybe I would have come sooner. The first method, aimed at "relaxing and rejuvenating" oneself, consisted of sitting in our chairs feet flat on the floor, eyes closed and palms up, focusing on our breath.

How do I know I’m meditating correctly?

For each deep breath in, we chanted the words " gauranga nitai-gaur " on the way out. While the process was quite straightforward, I found that I took longer breaths than the group, which meant I was having to constantly play catch up to say the mantra in tandem with the others. So chill. This was only an hour class, so we did about ten minutes of this before moving on to the next technique.

Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation
Group Meditation Group Meditation

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