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They appear to have a particular connection to that location, as it is apparently possible to bind them there magically.

Are Ghosts Real? — Evidence Has Not Materialized

Witches and wizards are much more susceptible to what Muggles call paranormal activity, and will see and hear ghosts plainly where a Muggle might only feel that a haunted place is cold or 'creepy'. Nearly Headless Nick 's deathday party. Ghosts also appear to celebrate their deathday , as Nearly Headless Nick did so on 31 October in They tend to be very sensitive concerning the circumstances of their death, often showing great hesitancy when asked by others how they died.

What seems to be a typical deathday Party entails a candlelit dinner of rancid, mouldy food, the smell of which would cause a normal living creature to gag. The only people normally invited to a deathday party are no longer living. Many ghosts take up residence within Hogwarts Castle and each House at Hogwarts has a patron ghost. Each of these ghosts once belonged to their corresponding House. They apparently serve as a representative to their House, as well as serving the role of messenger or guide to those who are still unfamiliar with the House they were sorted into.

They also seemed to enjoy a certain level of authority, as Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington apparently outranked the Caretaker at the school, bidding Argus Filch to award a student ten house points before ordering him to leave the Potions Classroom , where they were caught snooping while, unbeknownst to Filch, researching the Cursed Vaults despite not being allowed to. The Slytherin House ghost is the Bloody Baron.

He is well known for being extremely unsocial and many students, including those of his own House, are known to be slightly afraid of him. The Bloody Baron was for killing Helena Ravenclaw as well as himself, and was known for having a highly volatile temper when he was alive. There is some debate as to whether or not Professor Binns realises he is dead. While his entrance to lessons through the blackboard is vaguely amusing the first time students see it, he is not the most stimulating teacher.

The inspiration for Professor Binns was an old professor at my university, who gave every lecture with his eyes closed, rocking backwards and forwards slightly on his toes.

While he was a brilliant man, who disgorged an immense amount of valuable information at every lecture, his disconnect with his students was total. Professor Binns is only dimly aware of his living students, and is astonished when they begin asking him questions. There was also a Black Knight, The Toad which left ectoplasm all over its classroom , and a ghost I rather regret not using: his name was Edmund Grubb, and the notes beside his name say: Expired in the doorway of the Dining Hall.

Sometimes stops people getting in, out of spite. Fat Victorian ghost. Ate poisonous berries. Sign In Don't have an account?

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But very few wizards choose that path. Pearly-white and slightly transparent, they glided across the room talking to one another and hardly glancing at the first years. Bloody Baron. Cuthbert Binns. Fat Friar. Or are they? Upon doing so, their terrifying secret will be revealed; a gaping wound right through the body, festering with maggots, worms and millipedes.

The science and logic of ghosts

Be careful who you share your bucket with. Kee, which translates to poop, is a ghost that occupies your toilet, and must be consulted before your toilet is used and after a bad dream, as doing so will see bad luck being removed from you via your excrement. Stillborn fetuses are roasted and chanted to be a necromancer, before being covered in gold foil and placed by a shrine. Failure to keep it entertained or happy will see their masters subjected to poltergeist-esque behaviour such as the slamming of door and the all-too-creepy sound of ghost children laughing.

GHOSTS - The Aviation Photography of Philip Makanna

A foul-smelling ghost who appears as a normal person in the daytime, Phi Phong feeds on unpleasant foods such as frogs, forcing many to stay indoors if they hear the noises of frogs nearby for fear of bumping into him. Asia Thailand History.

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The 13 Most Terrifying Ghosts in Thailand. Save to Wishlist. Thailand is known around the world as the Land of Smiles, but just as prevalent as the cheery grins is the widely-held belief in ghosts. Mae Nak. Phi Pop. Nang Tani. Phi Am. Phi Tai Hong.

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Phi Lang Kluang. Phi Kee. Kuman Thong. Phi Phong.

Phi Kong Koi. Read Next. History 10 Popular Thai Myths and Legends.


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