Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)

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“$274 million Worldwide Box Office.”

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Now those actors get to rest easy and focus on the less dangerous parts of their job. The company also asserts that it would have recommended that Sony Pictures not make 22 of its biggest box office flops over the past three years, which would have saved the production company millions of dollars.

It can also determine whether or not a film will pass the Bechdel Test, a bare minimum baseline for representation of women in media. Human script readers can do all this too, of course. And human-written coverage often includes a comprehensive summary and recommendations as to whether or not a particular production house should pursue a particular screenplay based on its branding and audience. But, to be fair, Scriptbook suggested to Variety that their system could be used to aid human readers, not replace them.

Getting some help from an algorithm could help people ground their coverage in some cold, hard data before they recommend one script over another. Rather, Hendler foresees a future where creative people get to keep on being creative as they work alongside the time-saving machines that will make their jobs simpler and less mundane.

Share to Facebook. Tweet This. Share via Email. Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Is Automating Hollywood. Now, Art Can Thrive. They will do more of the mundane tasks so humans don't have to. Dan Robitzski July 18th Keep up. EN — Kodak: Keykode Specifications for 16mm. EN — Kodak: Keykode Specifications for 35mm.

EN — Kodak: Keykode Specifications for 65mm. Kodak Keykodes for films manufactured between and , identifying the year of production and the emulsion type. Access to some documents requires AMIA membership. The Guide is not meant to predict the life of any individual film; it merely uses predicted life span as a yardstick to measure the quality of the storage environment. It addresses the requirements for preserving black-and-white and color film and nitrate, acetate, and polyester-based film. It also addresses specific issues for motion-picture film, sheet film, still roll film, microfilm, and aerial film, as well as the management of collections containing a variety of media types certainly the most common real-life situations encountered in the field.

This approach focuses primarily on storage, condition surveys, and the development and implementation of best-fit environment-based strategies. Presentation from Filmcare. EN — Kodak: Vinegar Syndrome. When cellulose triacetate begins to decompose, "deacetylation" occurs, and the acetate ion reacts with moisture to form acetic acid producing a vinegar odour when a can is opened. Once the reaction is started, it cannot be stopped. Tulsi Ram.

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Prsentation from Kodak. Descriptions of storage conditions, their variations, and general considerations and comparisions; storage of raw stock, the effect of ambient background radiation on raw stock, radiation from airport x-ray equipment, and more. Description from Kodak. Explanations of appropriate storage facility characteristics, including relative humidity, temperature, tropical conditions, air conditioning, dehumidification, dessication, chemical contamination, water damage, extended storage considerations, and more.

Presentation from Kodak. Detailed information about room cleanliness, inspection methods, film damage, emulsion deterioration, common repairs, damage evaluation, film cleaning, lubrication, and more. Discusses effects of humidity on processed film, Newton's rings and ferrotyping, effects of contaminants, extended storage 10 years or more , and airport x-ray fog.

EN — Kodak: Storage and Handling of Processed Nitrate Nitrate base, the pioneer of motion picture film bases, retired from our cameras and laboratories about Still, its very long shadow of distinguished commercial motion pictures and film records haunts many film vaults.

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  4. Nitrate base films must be handled with informed care. Information on maintaining film quality with refrigeration, frozen film, Newton's rings and ferrotyping, effects of humidity and contaminants, and airport x-ray fog. EN — John R. Hill: Stability of motion-picture films as determined by accelerated aging Published by the Getty Conservation Institute. Manual prepared for Washington State libraries, museums, historical societies, and other institutions with film in their collections.

    Collection is devoted to the science and culture of image and sound. Presentation from Science and Media Museum. FR — Projectionniste. Inclut un forum et une liste de liens utiles. Film is in a state of rapid change, with the transition from analog to digital profoundly affecting not just filmmaking and distribution, but also the theoretical conceptualization of the medium film and the practice of film archiving. New forms of digital archives are being developed that make use of participatory media to provide a more open form of access than any traditional archive has offered before.

    Film archives are thus faced with new questions and challenges.

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    From Grain to Pixel attempts to bridge the fields of film archiving and academic research, by addressing the discourse on film ontology and analysing how it affects the role of film archives. Fossati proposes a new theoretization of film archival practice as the starting point for a renewed dialogue between film scholars and film archivists.

    Presentation from the editor. The Digital Statement Part I. Choosing a film scanner, Setting up a digitisation workflow, Complications in a digitisation workflow.


    Digitization of Archival Film links compiled by Prof. Barbara Flueckiger and Dr. EN — Northlight from Filmlight. EN — PrestoCentre.

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    Presto Centre is a foundation that brings together a global community of stakeholders in audiovisual digitisation and digital preservation to share, work and learn. Some resources require membership. Comprehensive information on audio digitisation. Resources and tools prepared by an UK based coalition of organisations working in the digital preservation field. EN — Open Planets Foundation.

    Digital preservation efforts are distributed throughout many units at the Library of Congress and includes programs related to digital content packaging and ingest, monitoring and reporting of digital storage, sustainable digital file formats, metadata and more. Presentation from the Library of Congress.

    ISBN 13: 9780240516509

    DE — Forum. Das Fachmagazin des Bundesarchiv: Filmarchivierung im digitalen Zeitalter Issue of the publication of Bundesarchiv on Digital Archiving with the contribution of archivists from several German institutions in German. DCI's primary purpose is to establish and document voluntary specifications for an open architecture for digital cinema that ensures a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control Presentation from DCI.

    Includes access to database and, in many cases, pdf articles of numerous other film related publications. The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives IASA was established in in Amsterdam to function as a medium for international co-operation between archives that preserve recorded sound and audiovisual documents. IASA members represent a diverse range of collection interests, including music, folklore, oral history, historical and broadcast recordings, and are leaders in the development of good practice and the dissemination of information on collection development and access, documentation and metadata, copyright and ethics, and conservation and preservation.

    Presentation from IASA. EN — James R. Gregory: Motion Picture Photography , 2 nd edition. Francis Charles Francis Jenkins: Handbook for motion picture and stereopticon operators EN — Herbert C. EN — William H. Offenhauser, Jr. EN — Leslie J. Wheeler: Principles of cinematography: a handbook of motion picture technology Online version of a guide to over leading figures in Victorian cinema, defined as filmmaking in its broadest sense from the first glimmerings in the s to the death of Queen Victoria in January The site has a range of resources designed to assist and stimulate further research in the field.

    Very practical and reliable publication about early films. EN — Kodak: Film Calculator. Useful Film Calculator which calculates running time from length or the other way round for different gauges, plus a Film and Video Glossary. This is intended as an on-line resource for up-and-coming filmmakers who would like to learn more about the theory and practice of shooting film.

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    Catalogues de maisons de production et documentation technique. You can now add your own celebrations to the webpage dedicated to the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage that will take place on 27 October. Apply here. International Federation of Film Archives. FIAF Mission. PIP Mission. Code of Ethics. FIAF Manifesto. Fair Access Declaration. Executive Committee. Periodicals Indexing Project. Technical Commission. Honorary Members.

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    Partner Organizations. Affiliation Categories. Admission Procedure. Journal Of Film Preservation. About the JFP. Latest Issue. JFP Tables of Contents. Searchable JFP Index.

    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals) Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)
    Film Technology in Post Production (Media Manuals)

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