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Ferguson is standing to the right with the feather in his cap and Thomas Scott, Scott's Uncle [52] , is behind. A Roman road with a ford near Melrose used in olden days by the abbots of Melrose suggested the name of Abbotsford. Abbotsford later gave its name to the Abbotsford Club , founded in in memory of Sir Walter Scott. Although he continued to be extremely popular and widely read, both at home and abroad, [56] Scott's critical reputation declined in the last half of the 19th century as serious writers turned from romanticism to realism, and Scott began to be regarded as an author suitable for children.

This trend accelerated in the 20th century. For example, in his classic study Aspects of the Novel , E. Forster harshly criticized Scott's clumsy and slapdash writing style, "flat" characters, and thin plots. In contrast, the novels of Scott's contemporary Jane Austen , once appreciated only by the discerning few including, as it happened, Scott himself rose steadily in critical esteem, though Austen, as a female writer, was still faulted for her narrow "feminine" choice of subject matter, which, unlike Scott, avoided the grand historical themes traditionally viewed as masculine.

Nevertheless, Scott's importance as an innovator continued to be recognized. He was acclaimed as the inventor of the genre of the modern historical novel which others trace to Jane Porter , whose work in the genre predates Scott's and the inspiration for enormous numbers of imitators and genre writers both in Britain and on the European continent. In the cultural sphere, Scott's Waverley novels played a significant part in the movement begun with James Macpherson 's Ossian cycle in rehabilitating the public perception of the Scottish Highlands and its culture, which had been formerly suppressed as barbaric, and viewed in the southern mind as a breeding ground of hill bandits, religious fanaticism, and Jacobite rebellions.

His own contribution to the reinvention of Scottish culture was enormous, even though his re-creations of the customs of the Highlands were fanciful at times, despite his extensive travels around his native country. It is a testament to Scott's contribution in creating a unified identity for Scotland that Edinburgh's central railway station, opened in by the North British Railway , is called Waverley. The fact that Scott was a Lowland Presbyterian , rather than a Gaelic-speaking Catholic Highlander, made him more acceptable to a conservative English reading public.

Scott's novels were certainly influential in the making of the Victorian craze for all things Scottish among British royalty, who were anxious to claim legitimacy through their rather attenuated historical connection with the royal house of Stuart. At the time Scott wrote, Scotland was poised to move away from an era of socially divisive clan warfare to a modern world of literacy and industrial capitalism.

Through the medium of Scott's novels, the violent religious and political conflicts of the country's recent past could be seen as belonging to history—which Scott defined, as the subtitle of Waverley "'Tis Sixty Years Since" indicates, as something that happened at least 60 years ago. Scott's advocacy of objectivity and moderation and his strong repudiation of political violence on either side also had a strong, though unspoken, contemporary resonance in an era when many conservative English speakers lived in mortal fear of a revolution in the French style on British soil.

Scott's orchestration of King George IV's visit to Scotland , in , was a pivotal event intended to inspire a view of his home country that, in his view, accentuated the positive aspects of the past while allowing the age of quasi-medieval blood-letting to be put to rest, while envisioning a more useful, peaceful future. After Scott's work had been essentially unstudied for many decades, a revival of critical interest began from the s. Postmodern tastes favoured discontinuous narratives and the introduction of the "first person", yet they were more favourable to Scott's work than Modernist tastes.

While F. Scott is now seen as an important innovator and a key figure in the development of Scottish and world literature, and particularly as the principal inventor of the historical novel. In Edinburgh, the It was completed in , 12 years after Scott's death, and dominates the south side of Princes Street. Scott is also commemorated on a stone slab in Makars' Court , outside The Writers' Museum, Lawnmarket , Edinburgh, along with other prominent Scottish writers; quotes from his work are also visible on the Canongate Wall of the Scottish Parliament building in Holyrood.

There is a tower dedicated to his memory on Corstorphine Hill in the west of the city and, as mentioned, Edinburgh's Waverley railway station takes its name from one of his novels. Designed by David Rhind in , the monument features a large column topped by a statue of Scott. Numerous Masonic Lodges have been named after him and his novels.

The award has been presented at Scott's historic home, Abbotsford House. Scott has been credited with rescuing the Scottish banknote.

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In , there was outrage in Scotland at the attempt of Parliament to prevent the production of banknotes of less than five pounds. Scott wrote a series of letters to the Edinburgh Weekly Journal under the pseudonym " Malachi Malagrowther " for retaining the right of Scottish banks to issue their own banknotes.

This provoked such a response that the Government was forced to relent and allow the Scottish banks to continue printing pound notes. This campaign is commemorated by his continued appearance on the front of all notes issued by the Bank of Scotland. The image on the series of banknotes is based on the portrait by Henry Raeburn. During and immediately after World War I there was a movement spearheaded by President Wilson and other eminent people to inculcate patriotism in American school children , especially immigrants, and to stress the American connection with the literature and institutions of the "mother country" of Great Britain, using selected readings in middle school textbooks.

Twelve streets in Vancouver, British Columbia are named after Scott's books or characters. Towards the end of her life she began a series called The Female Picture Gallery with a series of character analyses based on the women in Scott's works. Oh that tedious author, a dusty exhumer of chronicles!

A fastidious mass of descriptions of bric-a-brac In the novella, however, Cramer proves as deluded a romantic as any hero in one of Scott's novels. In a speech delivered at Salem, Massachusetts, on 6 January , to raise money for the families of the executed abolitionist John Brown and his followers, Ralph Waldo Emerson calls Brown an example of true chivalry, which consists not in noble birth but in helping the weak and defenseless and declares that "Walter Scott would have delighted to draw his picture and trace his adventurous career".

In his memoir, Army Life in a Black Regiment , New England abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson later editor of Emily Dickinson , described how he wrote down and preserved Negro spirituals or "shouts" while serving as a colonel in the First South Carolina Volunteers , the first authorized Union Army regiment recruited from freedmen during the Civil War. He wrote that he was "a faithful student of the Scottish ballads, and had always envied Sir Walter the delight of tracing them out amid their own heather, and of writing them down piecemeal from the lips of aged crones". According to his daughter Eleanor , Scott was "an author to whom Karl Marx again and again returned, whom he admired and knew as well as he did Balzac and Fielding".

In his Life on the Mississippi , Mark Twain satirized the impact of Scott's writings, declaring with humorous hyperbole that Scott "had so large a hand in making Southern character, as it existed before the [American Civil] war ", that he is "in great measure responsible for the war". Twain also targeted Scott in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn , where he names a sinking boat the "Walter Scott" ; and, in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court , the main character repeatedly utters "great Scott" as an oath; by the end of the book, however, he has become absorbed in the world of knights in armor, reflecting Twain's ambivalence on the topic.

Ramsey glances at her husband:. He was reading something that moved him very much He was tossing the pages over. He was acting it — perhaps he was thinking himself the person in the book. She wondered what book it was. Oh, it was one of old Sir Walter's she saw, adjusting the shade of her lamp so that the light fell on her knitting.

It fortified him. He clean forgot all the little rubs and digs of the evening Raising the book a little to hide his face he let them fall and shook his head from side to side and forgot himself completely but not one or two reflections about morality and French novels and English novels and Scott's hands being tied but his view perhaps being as true as the other view , forgot his own bothers and failures completely in poor Steenie's drowning and Mucklebackit's sorrow that was Scott at his best and the astonishing delight and feeling of vigor that it gave him. Well, let them improve upon that, he thought as he finished the chapter The whole of life did not consist in going to bed with a woman, he thought, returning to Scott and Balzac, to the English novel and the French novel.

Henry Lafayette Dubose. Campbell Jr. In Knights of the Sea by Canadian author Paul Marlowe , there are several quotes from and references to Marmion , as well as an inn named after Ivanhoe , and a fictitious Scott novel entitled The Beastmen of Glen Glammoch. The Waverley Novels is the title given to the long series of Scott novels released from to which takes its name from the first novel, Waverley.

The following is a chronological list of the entire series:. Many of the short poems or songs released by Scott or later anthologized were originally not separate pieces but parts of longer poems interspersed throughout his novels, tales, and dramas. By the s, conflicts between religious dissidents and the Stuart Crown had given way to a Crown policy of seizing and imprisoning opponents without recourse to the courts.

In , this policy of using extrajudicial imprisonments to quell rebellion finally provoked the English Parliament to pass the Act of Habeas Corpus in England. Usually translated as "produce the body", habeas corpus could be invoked by any subject to require that the king or his agents produce the body of a prisoner for adjudication before the courts.

In its barest terms the Great Writ protected a subject from indefinite terms of imprisonment, from imprisonment outside the kingdom, or from imprisonment without cause. It did so by asserting the jurisdiction of the courts as superior to the executive powers of the king. The Act was thus part of a long debate within the three kingdoms about the relationship of king to law and vice versa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named Walter Scott, see Walter Scott disambiguation. Raeburn 's portrait of Sir Walter Scott in The way was long, the wind was cold, The Minstrel was infirm and old.

General topics. Related topics. Poetry portal. Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 9 April The Burtons' St Leonards Society. Retrieved 18 September Edward Moxon, Dover Street, London. Lection, London. Retrieved 9 July Archived from the original on 12 May Retrieved 9 May Images of England. English Heritage. Archived from the original on 31 May Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 29 November Deadtree Publishing.

Retrieved 26 August University of Edinburgh. Retrieved 31 October Later editions, compiled without Scott's oversight, usually favour the modern standard British English spelling of "practise". Sir Walter Scott. Retrieved 22 November Duddingston Kirk — Home. Retrieved 27 May Walter Scott Digital Archive. Habeas corpus had been suspended in the mids at the time of the French Revolution by William Pitt , who had called the French declaration of human rights "monstrous". Widely publicised trials for sedition took place in Edinburgh and in London John Thelwall and two others were charged with treason.

The Scottish defendants received harsh sentences whereas the English ones were acquitted. Accessed: 17 Nov Ironically, the acquittals made the loyalist case—that England was a country where a man could have a fair trial. Retrieved 2 May Random House. Language Log. The Accounting Historians Journal. Nashville: Cumberland. The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

July Studies in Scottish Literature. Religious Discourses. Retrieved 18 November Jazzybee Verlag.

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British Listed Buildings. Retrieved 7 August National Gallery. Retrieved 4 August Art UK. The Oxford companion to English literature 6th ed. The Guardian. New York Public Library. The Gregg publishing company. Emerson: Political Writings. Cambridge University Press. Walter Scott at Wikipedia's sister projects. Walter Scott. Chronicles of the Canongate , 1st series " The Keepsake Stories " Morritt Robert Southey William Wordsworth.

Walter Scott 's Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe Ivanhoe Young Ivanhoe Ivanhoe The Betrothed. Arnim B.

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Shelley P. Schlegel F. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Part of the Politics series on. Wikisource has original text related to this article: 'On Walter Scott', a poem by L.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: 'Sir Walter Scott', a poem by L. Many years spent collecting dye plant materials for loom weaving. Gina Marie Mammano is an award-winning poet. Liz Mangual listens for stories, tells stories, teaches storytelling and lives a storied life.

In , she co-founded the Santa Fe. He was so inspired by his. Roll Around Heaven is her unbidden debut into the spiritual genre and the foundation. He is also a spiritual director, worships in the Episcopal Church, and leads interfaith pilgrimages. Christopher is the former chair of. Rob McClellan was born and raised in the Midwest. Prior to coming to Westminster, he served as.

At an early age Rourke understood the spiritual gifts of Nature and the Earth, he. Pastor Dorian McGlannan has been an Episcopal priest for more than 25 years. Her ministry has included many retreats for women of all ages. Early in , she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Following almost. She holds a Doctorate in Aesthetics.

She weaves her training in painting, dance, Buddhist. Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, and public theologian. Timothy P. McLaughlin is a poet, spoken word artist, and teacher. He founded the Spoken Word Program at the Santa Fe Indian School and he and his students received numerous awards and were featured in. Marty Meade has been a glass artist since , studying traditional stained glass with Judy Raffael, now known as Judy North. In , she traveled to Chartres France to study with Roger Darricarrere.

In , she. Wayne Mell served 25 years as a Presbyterian minister until his retirement in He pastored churches on the Navajo reservation and the Mexican border in Arizona. From to Wayne served as. During the experience Merrill kept detailed accounts in her. Carolyn Metzler is Spiritual Director for the Living School, a major program of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, and also maintains a practice in spiritual direction out of her.

Louise Minks is a professional artist, author and historian who is in love with the New Mexico landscape. She teaches workshops specializing in acrylics in New England and New Mexico. She is represented in galleries. Registration in these workshops also includes the Robert Mirabal concert. Jeanetta Calhoun Mish is a poet, writer and literary scholar; in , she earned her Ph. She has published critical essays in Stunned into Being: Essays.

Suzanne Moore is a lettering artist and designer who combines contemporary vision with traditional scribal techniques. Born into a family of gifted inventor-engineers, raised in post-Sputnik middle America, with aptitudes in math and science, she. Born in New York City to parents that were both accomplished classical musicians, Robin was initially grounded in the arts.

She thought that creative expression was as vital as food. Her family soon moved upstate,. Judy Moore shares the philosopy and lifestyle, 'Do what you love, love what you do— and do it playfully'. Stephanie Moran has lived in the West on and off since , and Durango, Colorado called her back home forever, where she and her husband Dr. Andy Gulliford hike with their dog Finn. When she. He has long maintained an interdisciplinary approach. After retiring from the business world, Maisie became interested in Archaeology. Maisie found. I excavated at. Wayne Muller is an executive leadership mentor, therapist, minister, community advocate, consultant, public speaker, and bestselling author of several books.

A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, he has spent the last thirty-five years working with. Jan Myers has been painting since the 's. For many years, she has taught the techniques and styles of painting, sculpture, architecture and craft arts from all historical. Ched Myers is an activist theologian who has worked in social change movements for 40 years. She is a fluent Tewa speaker, a nationally recognized community advocate, and a language and culture teacher in her home Pueblo.

An independent consultant, she is. Joe Newberry is a Missouri native and North Carolina transplant who has played music most of his life. His powerful and innovative banjo playing, as well as his songwriting, guitar skills, fiddling, and singing has. She and her husband John Philip Newell are parents of four children and live in Edinburgh. Formerly Warden of Iona Abbey. She has also studied and taught Taoist Tai Chi. His mission is to develop mindful, influential, and compassionate leaders, and to help them master their.

Designing and building art structures using recycled materials are his favorite projects. His studio is in. He is working on creating a certification process for food around farm labor, food safety,. Sarah Noggle was born and raised in the deep forests and hills of southern Indiana. She has been teaching spinning and weaving, natural dyes and the art of felt making throughout Indiana since the early. Michael Noll is a writer and teacher living with his family in Austin, TX.

He teaches composition, magazine writing, creative writing, and literature at Texas State University, plus independent writing workshops and craft seminars in.

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Jacqueline Norheim is an artist, designer and illustrator, based in Oakland, California. Naomi Shihab Nye was born in St. Louis, Missouri in Her father was a Palestinian refugee and her mother an American of German and Swiss descent, and Nye spent her adolescence in both Jerusalem. She is married to The Rev. Todd Emerson O'Neal. They have four children. Together they. Ron Olowin is a professor at St. Ofelia Ortega, a pioneering woman theologian and ecumenist, is Professor of Theology in the Union Theological Seminary in Matanzas, Cuba, focusing on gender studies and community development.

She is also an elected member of the. Dorothea Osborn is an acclaimed visual artist based in New York. Her work is based on spirituality and the Southwest. Michelle Otero lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she works with fellow artists and local farmers to implement the Community Table project, which combines art, local agriculture, and economic development as a platform for neighborhood.

Ann Painter has taught drawing and painting at Ghost Ranch for the past 7 years. She is a professional artist, living and working in Santa Fe. Janet has been a painter and pastel artist for over 45 yrs. Rhoda Parker has been offering Spiritual Direction since she received her training at Mt. In she received a certificate in Biblical Studies from Loyola. She served for seven. She understands why the Otomi and Maya. Originally from north. Jason Pfeifer was living in northern New Mexico when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in His life shifted after that experience to one of living every day to its fullest and helping others.

Willie Picaro, hike leader and story teller extraordinaire, was a fixture at Ghost Ranch for almost 35 years. Originally from New Jersey, he initially came to the ranch for a January term in Stephen Picha is a leader and teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations as well as in the public school system. He currently serves as Education Director here. Terrell Piechowski has lived and worked on the Navajo Nation as a school counselor and school psychologist for the past thirty years.

Terrell utilizes Native American Pathways for his own personal inner peace and for. Courtney Pinkerton, M. PP, is a holistic life and leadership coach and the founder of Bird in Hand Coaching. David Pitner, PhD has been an educator, counselor and counseling professor. He has immersed himself in experiences that provide professional and personal growth. He has taught group process, community building strategies, led groups and is.

She represents abstract landscapes with the endless colors of the leaves, grasses, tree trunks, and moss. The Indiana landscape, the Grand Canyon and her travels in the. To this newly defined position, Winona brings a rich history with the Presbyterian denomination and Ghost Ranch, a Masters in Theological Studies, a background in Celtic. He also served for 27 years as Director of Music at La Mesa. Inga Poslitur was born in Sochi, Russia.

There she went through rigorous fine art academic training and continued her art studies in Moscow. Sandra Postel directs the independent Global Water Policy Project, and lectures, writes and consults on global water issues. In , she was appointed Freshwater Fellow of the National Geographic Society, where she serves as the. She travels around the world giving talks about. Her textile work is found in many private. Joseph Rael is widely regarded as one of the great Native American holy men of our time.

In Joseph had the vision to build a Sound Peace chamber, a kiva-like structure where people of. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to reconnect with the night sky. Jim Reale has been teaching contemplative practices since He first traveled to India in and has returned there on numerous occasions to continue his studies integrating eastern wisdom practices into western spirituality.

Elizabeth I. Rechter has been an Episcopal priest serving in parish ministry since She is an experienced teacher and retreat leader, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Stillpoint: the Center. Lucille Reilly is a performer, improviser, instructor, church-resource musician and award-winning hammered dulcimer player and autoharpist, with hundreds of hymns and fiddle tunes within her being, alongside many hymnals and tune books in her personal. She has been teaching art to high school and adult college students for thirty years.

Currently she is head of the art department at Front. In that role she advocates on behalf of. She received an M.

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She is currently a Spiritual Director at St. His research interests include common property resources, the culture. Estaban Roache has been a ceramic artist and teacher for 38 years, graduating in with an MFA from the University of Washington. Alison Robbenhaar is a plein air painter.

She works in the impressionist style, drawing information from the beauty of the New Mexican landscape. In recent years she has been doing small watercolor sketches, bringing them. Wendy, is an Artisan of Cultural Renaissance. Stemming from her own wild experiences she is passionate about inviting humans to enter larger imaginings of ourselves towards moving into deeper places and senses of ourselves and. Katherine Robertson-Pilling is passionate about the creative process as a way of life. Through decades of research and personal life experience, she has mapped 12 stages of the creative process in a framework she calls.

Jay T. Rock grew up in a secular home within a multi-religious extended family. His first intentional foray into interreligious relations came when helping to organize a hunger walk in Stockton, CA, in , while. Billie Rogers is a former educator from Southern California. Billie, who also enjoys singing and writing, was a high school counselor.

She has been coming to Ghost Ranch for plus years. He was ordained to the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church in He has been called "one. He has led. In , she returned to school and obtained her B. Little did she know that her marriage to Eugene would lead to a love of Spanish traditional textiles. She began her study in with a course taught by Kristina Wilson and Rachel Brown at.

Paul Ross lives to leave. He has garnered multiple awards for their travel articles and has contributed stories and photos to more than magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites. Nina has studied with James Hillman and others in the field of Archetypal Psychology. She is a licensed and registered Art Therapist. She has been pushing the boundaries of photo-realism. Karen Ruckman is a photographer and educator. She has photographed extensively on Capitol Hill, and worked for a variety of editorial and corporate clients photographing politicians, celebrities, and Nobel laureates for numerous publications.

Karen lives. Rumelia Collective is a Santa Fe based core group of three women who play traditional and contemporary music of the Balkans and Eastern Europe. All of the members of the group have studied the traditions. She is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the.

She was the. Weaving is one of her favorite forms of artistic expression and she weaves in the Rio Grande. She has performed and recorded music in many styles and genres, ranging from blues and jazz to sacred world music, and created three. Dorothy comes from a large family that includes both. Susie Sawin is an artist, dentist, and mom. She started her study of silversmithing and lapidary arts under the wonderful instruction of Dale Smith and Judith Foster here at Ghost Ranch. Over the past 8. She has been involved in birthing and collaboratively leading several women's. From , Scharf served as the head of strategic communications and.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest instilled in her a fierce love of the. Janet M. Schreiber, Ph. Linda Schultz has been a spiritual director for over 25 years and a supervisor for 10 years. She maintains a private practice of spiritual direction in Playa del Rey, CA, where she works with ecumenical. Rabbi Rami Shapiro is an award winning author of over thirty books on religion and spirituality. Jim Sharon, Ed. Jim has 40 years of professional.

Ruth is a licensed, professional counselor, wellness coach and registered yoga teacher. Ruth has 40 years. During 40 years of professional experience, the Sharons have served thousands. Eileen Shaughnessy is a Lecturer at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in the Sustainability Studies Program, teaching courses in environmental justice, nuclearism, and racial justice. She has a certificate in Spiritual Guidance and. Carol Shellenberger graduated from San Francisco Theological Seminary and was ordained to a counseling ministry before becoming an intentional interim pastor.

She served as interim pastor for eight congregations in Northern California and joined the. Christine Sherwood has lived in northern New Mexico for over 30 years. She has been in the healing arts since and has taught healing workshops nationwide since In , her life trajectory was.

Amy Shutt has over a decade of formal photography experience. She currently specializes in nature, animal, and commercial photography in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A published photographer, she also teaches various photography classes and workshops throughout. Ushering in a new era in education, the word "creativity". Currently, she serves Sewickley Presbyterian Church just outside. Her essays have appeared. She also serves as the. She has been a Fellow at the. A past recipient of the David H. Dennis Smith is a former educators from Southern California.

Dennis was a secondary choral music teacher and is working on his second novel. Becky Smith is a spiritual director and small group leader. She seeks to live authentically. He attended college at. Olive Smith has been a stained glass artist since She is also. Dale Smith is a retired federal executive.

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He has been an active silversmith instructor at Ghost Ranch since and is a past president and current member of the National Ghost Ranch Foundation. Years later, loads. Born in Argentina in , educated in Denmark and the United States, Erik Speyer has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to his art.

As a Navy pilot and director first of Planet Ocean and then. She has been nominated three times for the Pushcart. Suzanne Stabile is an Enneagram master. The work she does in introducing people to this ancient spiritual tool is designed to enhance self-knowledge, encourage spiritual growth and create new and better ways of participating in.

He also serves as an adjunct faculty member. Brian trained as a psychiatrist in academic medicine as an endowed chair in psychiatry. She has practiced the art and science of psychology for over. Mirabai Starr is at the forefront of the emerging Interspiritual Movement. She has received critical acclaim for her revolutionary new translations of Dark Night of the Soul by sixteenth century Spanish mystic, St. John of. Barbara J.

Carola Stearns, Ph. D, from Santa Fe NM, is a field geologist whose research and experience includes teaching at the University of Michigan, working as a seismic interpreter in the petroleum industry, two seasons as a. Howard F. Stein, Ph. Gloria Steinem is a writer, lecturer, editor, and feminist activist.

She travels in this and other countries as an organizer and lecturer and is a frequent media spokeswoman on issues of equality. She is particularly. She holds a certificate in. David Stephens is a life-long church musician with passions for many different genres of music and liturgical forms. A graduate of Webster University, David is trained in both classical and jazz voice and performs regularly. After graduate school. Deborah's interest in painting and photography began over thirty years ago when she purchased her first camera with a high school art scholarship.

At that time, she felt torn between art school and a life. Though Gladys Swan has spent most of her career as a writer, having published two novels and seven collections of short fiction, as well as poetry and essays, she has devoted much of the last.

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Lori Joan Swick is an adjunct professor of religion, mythology and philosophy at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Rina Swentzell earned her B. He has a Master. She is deeply immersed in Macy's work and has been facilitating Work That Reconnects. Claudia Tammen is an outdoor and event photographer and a former Ghost Ranch staffer. Merrick is a silversmith apprentice, feather fan. Jim also serves. Jane Taylor is a poet with a special interest in creative collaboration. In , Jane partnered with poet, Anita. Adam Russell Taylor is a social activist ordained in the American Baptist Church and the Chair of the Board at Sojourners, an organization dedicated to putting faith into action in the passionate pursuit of.

Kathy Thaden links her art to her faith -- expressing awe at creation and the Creator -- whether abstract pieces, liturgical commissions or mosaic sculpture. The possibilities are infinite -- working with thousands of bits. Originally from Minnesota and now living in New Mexico, she is a retired Air. Charlie Thompson holds a Ph. He also holds an M. Michael Ray Thornton is a master potter and art teacher whose work expresses his affinity with Oriental pottery traditions and aesthetics. He has studied his art for over 30 years in America and Japan with. Sylvia Thorson-Smith was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She received an MS in sociology and. He is an eloquent advocate of the relevance of. Lauren Tietz is a dancer, teacher, sound maker and filmmaker based in Austin TX.

As an artist and healing arts practitioner who loves to uncover the intelligence of the body - its nuance, poetry and wise. She has decades of experience in museum interpretation at. He has served in the capacity as a healer and spiritual leader to the pueblo and non-native communities. Robert J. Torrez is a recognized expert on one of New Mexico's most challenging issues that touches on.

Peter Traben Haas is founder and editor of ContemplativeChristians. She and her husband, Irvin Trujillo, a. Camilla Trujillo has been studying traditional regional pottery techniques for over 25 years and instructing for 18 years. A native New Mexican, her love for micaceous clay and traditional firing techniques has infused her own. Mary Evelyn is also the director of the Forum on Religion and. Restoring the ancient connections of art, spirituality and nature motivates the Reverend Doctor Sharyn Richey Turner as she leads Art and Spirituality retreats at Ghost Ranch and in doing her own creative work as a.

Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds
Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds Crazy Christians and Digital Daring Deeds

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